Things to Avoid in Morocco

Morocco is such a cultural and special nation. however, I should say you should be all around prepared before traveling there to avoid bad encounters. There are a few things to know and avoid before traveling to Morocco.

VISA scam
most English speaking nations do not require any visa to enter, and they can stay even up to 90 days. It’s even better to check online or call their local embassy to make beyond any doubt.

Be that as it may, one thing without a doubt is everyone should fill in arrival form, so prepare your PEN. It can be quite annoying when you have to rely on somebody to loan you one. Also, prepare the detail of your stay, the name, and address.

It is possible to take a bus from the airport, avoid taxes
It is exceptionally cheap, just 30 dirham/individual (3 euro). It will get you to the main square and what not were usually tourist stay. It’s the BUS no 19! We had a great involvement with it with a decent and genuine driver who told us where to stop. Stress not when you leave the airport and you appear like the just a single wait for the bus. Also, the taxi driver who might come towards you and say ‘taxi, the cost is same as the bus”. It’s not valid. The fixed rate of a taxi is usually around 100-150 dirham. Gradually however beyond any doubt, other tourists will tail you and wait together with you. The bus station is not directly before the entryway. You have to walk a little bit towards the packing part where taxis wait.

Avoid drinking tap water directly
They claim that the tap water is sufficiently drinkable. Nonetheless, in the event that you originate from a nation with a high caliber of water or used to drink from the package, I’d propose to avoid it. The cost of the water bottle is not scamming you, it is pretty much 9-11 Dirham or 1 euro. When you have no other easier choice or want to save up your cash, you can join with a packaged water bottle and on occasion take the tap water with your own.

Dress culture, avoid dressing anyhow
A large portion of the Moroccan individuals dresses unassumingly, especially when we speak about the ladies. Along these lines, it is polite to regard their culture by not dressing up vulgarly. Avoid too short bottom and sleeveless top. It is also for your own solace to not be seen strangely and also to feel mixed with your environment. In the event that you are a woman travels solo, it may be a smart thought to cover your self or have a scarf with you.

Crossing road, watch out
Thinking about the crazy traffic and road, it is wise to not wait for the driver of the vehicle to stop, because they just WILL NOT. Along these lines, simply be brave and cross that road. In a few places, it is clear with the traffic light for pedestrians, and some others are most certainly not.

Ask before taking pictures, Avoid taking pictures of the locals
Be exceptionally discreet, on the off chance that you want to take pictures of local individuals or the stuff in the market. Or on the other hand, essentially avoid it. Believe me, there are quite a lot more details to capture in each other corners! Moroccans won’t be happy with the idea of you taking their photo or the stuff they offer, which is understandable. On the off chance that you take pictures of road entertainers in the square of Jemma el-Fna, they will without a doubt ask and push to get cash from you. Be extra careful, on the off chance that you want to take risks, prepare a few coins with you



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