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The real urban communities: Marrakech, Rabat and Fez are the most visited urban communities of Morocco. The immense legacy and the points of reference, have attracted an increasing number of visitors who need to know the Moroccan history, since they were capitals of different traditions that governed Morocco previously.

When it was arranged both on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, on an inner precipice, it remained free for a considerable time. However, the nation has built a rich culture mixed with Arab, Berber, European and African impacts. Morocco is an ethnically different nation with a rich culture and human progress.

Tourism assumes a critical part for the economy of Morocco. The mixture of the way of life that has arrived here throughout history has turned Morocco into an energizing place to visit. Coastal lines, exhibition halls, archaeological destinations, verifiable places and places of interest and handicraft samples are among the attractions to visit. Being overwhelmed by the northern mountains and the desert in the south, Morocco sunbathes on the sandy shores and walks through the high accessible mountains.
Rabat is the capital city of Morocco.

Best places to visit in Morocco are made up of two sections:

The Medina: a tall and long divider that had a protective part and hindered by a few main doors covers the Medina. There are unlimited things to see inside: souks, old structures, castles, mosques, old schools, historical centers and Riads.

The avant-garde city: it is the new city that is configured in an advanced structure. There you can discover luxurious accommodations, restaurants and shops in general.
If you need to investigate the real Morocco, it is better to stay in one of the many Riads you will discover in the Medina, as they are often close to the best things to see. The riads are old houses that were restored with an avant-garde style to satisfy tourists and provide them with almost a similar five-star service.

When you walk through the labyrinths of the Medina, some roads will take you to the famous souks, which are sorted and named, based on the idea of ??items made there as Souk of flavors, ceramics, metallurgists, craftsmen, textures and different names of different specialties . If you need to buy something, do not hesitate to show your negotiation skills.

In each medina you will discover a fourth part called Mellah. This is the place where the Jews lived in the past in light of the fact that they were insured by the sultans and occupied lucrative positions in which they worked. There are two families still living in the Mellah these days, as a part of them moved to France, Canada and Israel and they cleaned up an incredible legacy that shows how they lived in Morocco. Its synagogues, cemeteries and tombs are still visited today.

In addition to the real urban communities, there are coastal urban areas such as Saadia, Eljadida, Essaouira and Agadir, where the long and pleasant coasts welcome all lovers of the ocean to play their most loved game or if nothing else to take a bath Sun.

In addition, the urban communities of the desert are incredible places to flee from the swarming and noisy urban communities. From Ouarzazate to Zagoura and Merzouga, you will be surprised by the bright scenes, the desert spring, the Berber cities and a large number of kasbahs that were fortified fortifications in the past. Going a little further in the desert, you will reach Erg Chebbi, where you will appreciate the camel trekking on the sand and spend the night in a bivouac.

Moroccan urban areas have numerous approaches in the same way, however, not all are indistinguishable and each of them has its own specifications that deserve to be investigated again and again.

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Where is Morocco?

If you are thinking of going on a vacation to a new and unexplored territory then you should consider visiting Morocco which is known as a beautiful place where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your loved ones. But before deciding to go to this beautiful place, you will need to find out where is Morocco? This is especially important so that you can get an idea about the place on the world map as you can enjoy sunbathing at the sandy beaches of the western coast. Morocco is located in African continent which is considered as the 58th largest nation of the world and it is a very popular tourist destination that is loved by tourists of every age group.

Morocco is an environmentally friendly and culturally rich country that has a rich heritage that is inspired from Islamic Golden age and this is the reason why Morocco is called as the gateway to Africa. The sweeping deserts, warm hospitality, ancient cities, epic mountain ranges and dizzying diversity make it a very popular tourist destination. The incredible diversity of landscapes and people makes Morocco one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world as it has abundance of historical assets and natural resources. It is an amazing country and a traveler’s delight which is a hybrid of Islam and Africa as it holds an enduring and immediate fascination as it is rooted in the medieval times. The mountain ranges, sand of Sahara and Mediterranean coast makes Morocco a visually appealing and beautiful country that you need to visit for your next vacation.

The population of Morocco compromises a mix of Arabs and ancient Berber people with diverse culture and heritage of the different religion and group of people. It has many beautiful mosques that are adorned with tall and decorated towers also known as minarets that make the mosque more attractive. The people of Morocco is known as Moroccans who speak a mixture of French, English, Berber and Arabic but they are also known to switch languages while talking that reflects the culture of the place. But Arabic is considered as the official language of the country and foreign speaks in French and English to communicate with the local Moroccans. There are many popular tourist places that you can visit while travelling to Morocco which includes Moulay Idriss which is known as the holiest town of Morocco and you can also witness the Roman ruins of Volubilis that is located nearby. If you want to enjoy in the desert that you should visit Merzouga which is a desert town similar to Sahara which has attractions like camel treks and Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Exploring the Rif Mountains can be accomplished by visiting the Chedchaouen where you can enjoy in the hilly mountains as you witness the beauty of this amazing country. Morocco is known as a hidden gem that needs to be explored by majority of travelers who want to visit never seen before places for satisfying their quest for travelling and adventure.

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